We apologize for the inconvenience

My last host had difficulties with October, and I’m having my own trouble that really minimizes my internet access right now. My only solution is to put the entire Carnival on a two-week hiatus until

I can (a) find a new host and (b) get my own internet access to make all of the arrangements.

People wishing to host in November, please email me with “FSF CARNIVAL HOST” in the subject line in all caps, so I’ll see the email when I get a chance to catch up.

Sorry about all this, and the lateness of the announcement.

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  2. [...] After posting last week’s I Read the Internets, I suddenly wondered whether I had somehow missed the latest Feminist SF Carnival (it seemed like it had been quite some time since I read one), so I went looking and found out that the carnival has been postponed while Ragnell hunts for a host.  If you have the slightest bit of interest in hosting an edition of the Feminist SF Carnival, you should totally go for it.  You can find contact details and such here. [...]